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ZFDS saddened with death of Derrick Chipande

The Zambia Flying Doctor Service ZFDS is saddened with the death of DERRICK CHIPANDE, a resident of Chinsali who was evacuated to the National Heart Hospital for further treatment on 26th January 2023.

ZFDS Chief Executive Officer GEORGE NG’UNI says the institution is honoured to have been part of CHIPANDE’s life through his evacuation, but death has robbed the nation of a precious soul.

In a statement, Dr. NG’UNI said ZFDS sends the CHIPANDE family it’s deepest sympathies and prayed that God comforts them through the difficult period.

Last month ZFDS was at hand to fly CHIPANDE from chinsali District hospital after a request was made on National Television by his family and through interventions by MOH ,a request was then made to ZFDs to evacuate CHIPANDE and took him to the National Heart hospital.

On Sunday, the service also repatriated CHIPANDE’s body back to Chinsali.


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