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THE Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection has engaged the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to rehabilitate five dams in four provinces at a cost of about K22 million.

The five dames are in Eastern, Northern, North-western and Southern provinces.
Works are meant to enhance access to water by famers, the public and livestock.

Speaking at the symbolic handover of the sites to ZNS Commander Maliti Solochi yesterday, Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary Joe Kalusa said money for the project has been released and will soon be availed to ZNS.

We want to improve access to water so that we boost agricultural production and improve the livelihood of our people.

“Our neighboring country, Zimbabwe, has over 15, 000 dams while we only have 1, 700 we want to increase on the number so that we have more water sources,” Mr. Kalusa said
He said the ministry has also started budgeting for rehabilitation of 40 more dams in the four provinces next year.
“It is my pleasure to propose that my ministry and Zambia National Service should enter into a four-year agreement in which the two parties will continue to collaborate in the construction and rehabilitation of dams to accelerate access to water development, ” Mr. Kalusa said.

And Lieutenant General Solochi commended the ministry for engaging the defence wing to rehabilitate the five dams.

Lt Gen Solochi assured Mr. Kalusa that the men and women in uniform will deliver quality and timely work.

“We thank the ministry for the confidence you have in us and we wish to assure you that we will deliver quality works.

“Zambia National Service has experience in this field and you can be assured of highest standard of work so that the dams will stand the test of time,” he said.

Gen Solochi urged the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection to consider water harvesting to avoid rainwater from going to waste.


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