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Continue Receiving COVID-19 jab

A TRADITIONAL ruler has called on Zambians to continue reciving the Coronavirus (COVID) vaccine following the start of a fourth wave of the pandemic.

Chief Matebo of the Kaonde people of North-Western Province, said now was the right time for people to get vaccinated, as the country continued to record cases of the new Omicron variant.

He expressed happiness over the efforts being made by the ministry of Health in ensuring that the vaccination services are brought closer to the people.

He said that though research was still ongoing regarding the virus, experts had so far assured that the possibility of the vaccinated persons receiving harmful effects of the new variant was slim.

Chief Matebo said in an interview that half of the people in his chiefdom had been vaccinated, in accordance with the authentic information obtained from the district health office.

He added that he had received the vaccine, as a way of encouraging his subjects to also do the same.

“Vaccination response, from the chiefdom is overwhelming, if there was a reward for people who have received the COVID-19 vaccination Matebo chiefdom would have scooped it, “ he said.




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