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Selling popcorn in Kabitaka Hills    


 Cantena Harazi’s case is a success story because the popcorn business started only after he attended a business training programme.

“I was enrolled for training in January 2021 and did about eight topics only and since then, the training has had a positive impact on my business as I am able to keep records accurately. It has also opened my mind on how to generate income,” Harazi says.

 Harazi, 27, a resident of Kabitaka Hills is among youths from Solwezi District who are being shaped into budding entrepreneurs through the monthly Fortune World business training workshops, courtesy of Kansanshi Mining Plc.

Popcorn business can kick off for less than K1000 depending on the flavours you want to sell, materials such as oils, dry seasonings and packaging, making it easy to get started quickly. Aside from the initial capital investment in equipment, on-going expenses would be in ingredients, labelling and packaging.

 In July 2020, armed with K2000 as his initial capital, Cantena started his popcorn making business at Kabitaka Hills.

“This business is profitable, except that the current location where I am does not have as much population like the town centre of Mitech area of Solwezi District, but in the first four months of my business, I was able to make K5,500 from popcorn sales,” he says.

 Armed with the business insights he got from the business training programme, Cantena now plans to produce fliers and a banner to boost his sales.

 His immediate plans are to purchase another popcorn making machine and place it in a more densely populated area.

 With an investment of K120 in terms of inputs used to make popcorn, he is able to make a 100 per cent profit.

“Thank you Kansanshi Mining Plc for the training because I have learnt a lot. My mind has opened up now since I ventured into a business I never thought I would do before attending the training.”




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