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FISP farmers to be compensated for crop failure due to floods

Government says Farmer In-put Support Program beneficiaries who may suffer loss or crop failure will be considered for compensation under the FISP component of the Agriculture Weather Index.

Acting Agriculture Minister CHIPOKA MULENGA says the effects of climate change such as heavy rainfall may lead to crop failure.

Mr. MULENGA, who was responding to a question from Chilubi Member of Parliament MULENGA FUBE in Parliament, said fertiliser distributed across the country is of good quality and conforms to the required standards.

Mr. FUBE in a question for oral answer wanted to find out if government is aware that the some fertilizer companies supplied substandard D compound and urea Fertilizers to Samfya, Lungu, Lubansenshi and Chilubi Districts.

Mr. MULENGA said government through the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute – ZARI has been monitoring and testing the quality of fertiliser imported into the country.

And in a follow up question, Kabwe Central Member of Parliament CHRIZOSTER HALWINDI who wanted to find out if government will conduct testing of soils to know the types of fertiliser to distribute in particular areas.

In response, Mr. CHIPOKA said this is why Government will start recruiting extention officers who will advise farmers on best crops to plant or types of fertiliser required in various areas.


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