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GERMANY has an investment footprint of around 500 million Euros in Zambia.

German Ambassador to Zambia Anne Wagner-Mitchell said the area Germany funded were in good governance.

Water and sanitation, food security (especially in view of the challenges posed by climate change), energy, COVID-19 relief, wildlife conservation and strengthening girls’ rights.

Dr Wagner-Mitche said her government was committed to assisting Zambia on its path to further democratic, economic and social development.

She said during the commemoration of the German Unity on Wednesday evening in Lusaka that Zambia’s tradition of peaceful democratic change was inspiring to her country.

She said it was against this background that her government stood ready to continue to support Zambia in various areas.

Dr Wagner-Mitche said her embassy, together with the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but also within Team Europe, was stepping up economic diplomacy, with the goal of supporting Zambia’s agenda on private sector development, growth and job creation.

She added that in view of exploring opportunities for German and European companies, the first “EU-Zambia Economic Forum” held in May this year was a great opportunity for interaction-business-to-business and business to government – all under one roof.

And Tourism Minister Rodney Sikumba who graced the occasion said following the pronouncement of Visa waiver from a selected number of countries including Germany, Zambia awaits a number of visitors from the country to come for both leisure and investment in 2023.

Mr Sikumba said the waiver was among other notable steps that the Government was taking to further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

He said current statistics reveal that there were 1,241 tourist arrivals from Germany in 2021 compared to 2,261 in arrivals in 2019 and that his Ministry wanted to see the numbers growing again.

He added that the Government wanted to facilitate movement and allow visitors to come to Zambia and sample out many attraction sites and unique cultural heritage.


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