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Severe Floods Expected In Eastern Province

The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has placed Mambwe, Luangwa and Kasenengwa districts in Eastern Province on high alert for severe floods.

WARMA Public Relations Officer MUBIANA NALWENDO says the flood monitoring system shows 80 percent possibility of floods in the three districts.

Mr. NALWENDO says the system shows four triggered points that are likely to reach the peak in the next few days.

He says two alerts are on the Luangwa river, one on the Kasenengwa River and the third is on the Msandile River in Mambwe District.

Mr. NALWENDO says Luangwa district is showing a trigger of severe floods likely to reach the peak on 20th February, 2023.

He says the current flood situation in Luangwa is likely to intensify around 16th February and begin to recede by 26 February 2023.

Mr. NALWENDO says Msandile river is on the other hand likely to experience severe flooding around 10th February and begin to recede on 28 February 2023.

He says Kasenengwa is currently experiencing medium floods likely to be severe by 12th February.

In an interview with ZNBC, Mr. NALWENDO said the floods will affect areas near the rivers and departments of National Parks and Wildlife Offices as well as Lodges close to the Luangwa river bank.

He has, therefore, urged residents in the vicinity of the named rivers to be on high alert as the authority continues to monitor the situation.


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