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Yo Maps Shines With 5 Awards at Kwacha Music Awards 2023

Yo Maps emerged as the shining star of the Fifth edition of the 2023 Kwacha Music Awards, clinching an impressive five prestigious awards, including the highly coveted Album of the Year and the title of Best Male Artist. This outstanding achievement solidifies his position as a formidable force in the music industry.

His victory is even more remarkable considering his disappointment the previous year when he lost all the awards. Reflecting on the inspiration behind his hit song “Try Again,” he shared, “To be honest, last year, I lost all the awards. I was in Mozambique…And I remember calling my wife…and I was like, let’s try again; that’s where the song came from.”

In a touching gesture, Yo Maps dedicated the Album of the Year award to his wife, Kidist, in recognition of her unwavering support throughout his career. The night reached its zenith as Yo Maps and his team joyfully danced off the stage to the resounding beats of the trending song “Nalitumpa ine” after receiving their well-deserved accolades.

The Fifth edition of the 2023 Kwacha Music Awards transcended glitz and glamour; it served as a celebration of music’s profound ability to unite and inspire. Davis Kabuswe, Chairperson of Sun FM Kwacha Music Awards 2023, underscored the industry’s growth “from strength to strength” and emphasized the role of music in bringing the nation together. He noted that the competition had grown significantly, with 237 nominees compared to the previous count of around 100.

The Minister of Information and Media, Cornelius Mweetwa, extended commendations to the organizers and artists for their contributions to the country’s development, recognizing the potential of music to boost tourism. Moreover, the government’s support for the music industry, including three years of tax exemption on media and music equipment, reflects its commitment to fostering musical excellence.

The 2023 Kwacha Music Awards underscored the notion that music transcends mere entertainment; it is a potent force capable of driving positive change in society.


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