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Zambia Applies for Admission to the International Engineering Alliance

By Felix Katyetye

The Engineers Institute of Zambia (EIZ) has formally applied for admission to the International Engineering Alliance (IEA), aiming to facilitate the practice of Zambian engineers abroad without the need for additional exams.

EIZ President Eng. Wesley Kaluba announced this initiative during a courtesy visit to Zambia High Commissioner to India, H.E. Mr. Percy Chanda, in New Delhi today.

Eng. Kaluba emphasized that the application seeks accreditation under the Washington Accord, which would grant Zambian engineers the ability to work in any of the 36 jurisdictions across 27 countries under the IEA umbrella.

“If successful, all Zambian engineers and practitioners licensed by EIZ will automatically qualify to work internationally without the current requirement to sit for exams,” said Eng. Kaluba. He noted that currently, only the Engineering Council of South Africa holds full accreditation on the continent, with Nigeria holding a provisional license.

Eng. Kaluba highlighted the significant benefits of this potential accreditation, stating, “This gives value to our members so that they can practice professionally and internationally. Our members, regardless of their competency and qualifications from our universities, still have to undertake examinations to practice legally abroad. This step aligns with the EIZ’s vision to establish a world-class professional body that fosters economic development through technology and innovation.”

However, Eng. Kaluba acknowledged the challenges involved in securing admission to the IEA, pointing out that the process is extensive and rigorous. “We are working with the Ministry of Education to meet the benchmarks and expectations because it is a vigorous process. We have to be audited, and our universities must meet the standards of internationally-recognized learning platforms,” he said.

Looking beyond the Washington Accord, Eng. Kaluba expressed EIZ’s intention to seek further accreditation under the Sydney Accord for technologists and the Dublin Accord for technicians, craft persons, and artisans.

High Commissioner Mr. Percy Chanda underscored the critical role of engineers in Zambia’s economic development, urging Zambian engineers to take a leading role in the country’s development agenda. He stressed the importance of local production, recalling that Zambian engineers previously produced most of the products now imported.

“Zambian engineers used to produce most of the products we are importing, and this should not be the case. We do not need foreigners to be manufacturing products. We may not have the equipment, but we have qualified personnel, and it is up to you to change the narrative,” Mr. Chanda said.

The application marks a significant step towards enhancing the professional recognition and global mobility of Zambian engineers, aligning with national goals of technological and economic advancement.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Mr. Bennie Mundando, First Secretary (Press & Immigration) at the Zambia High Commission, Zambia High Commission.


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